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Diy Shower Curtains Blog

Bathroom shower curtain dress up, make the bathroom fun

Today, in the “light decoration and heavy decoration”, if you want to create a perfect living room space, then you will not be able to make beautiful decorations.The bathroom decoration is no exception, because the bathroom space is not decorated much

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Comfortable home, is your home up to standard?

It respects the concept of health, comfort, ecology and energy saving, and comprehensively enhances home comfort. In the 21st century, the comfortable home system began to enter China, a comfortable home system

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Common Shower Curtain Materials And Advantages And Disadvantages

Common shower curtain materials and advantages and disadvantages.
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Do you know how to clean and maintain the shower curtain?

Although the shower curtain is convenient and easy to use, do you know how to clean and maintain the shower curtain?
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Golden shower curtain decoration, is the bathroom you yearn for?

The meaning of gold: noble, glorious, luxurious, brilliant. ... In many countries, because the color of gold is gold, gold represents money, wealth, and capitalism

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How to buy and install the shower curtain correctly

The shower room is both beautiful and good for dry and wet separation, so it is very popular.
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How to install the shower curtain

What if the bathroom in the house is too small to fit in the shower room? 
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How to prevent mildew on the shower curtain

How to prevent mildew on the shower curtain
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How to wash the shower curtain?

How to wash the shower curtain?There is no shower room at home, and the shower curtain helps a lot

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Rustic Bathroom Design Inside The Bathroom

All the girls may have a rustic home dream. All of them are floral lace, soft and fresh, natural colors, a lot of wood-colored wooden furniture, and a sharp-eyed, handsome male friend.

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