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What Clients Say?

" Looks so nice and brightens my bathroom! I haven’t seen this print in stores so looks unique in my bathroom.. "

--Rebecka Filson--

" I’m hugely into floral prints and my day has just been made! These are truly gorgeous. I ordered both floral prints and I couldn’t be more pleased. I have a liner in my shower as well because these are NOT waterproof. If that’s what you’re looking for, this isn’t your item. But if you want a beautiful, unique shower curtain - this is it! Came with hooks and the shower curtains themselves have silver grommets for hanging. Colors. "

--Nathanael Jaworski--

" I love this curtain so much. It literally makes me smile every time I walk into my bathroom. I searched online for that perfect curtain that would work with our pastel pink and seafoam tiles, so I was so thrilled when not only did I find this but it arrived looking like the picture. The bottom is nice and weighted. Fabric sturdy. It was easy to install. Love it! "

--Magdalena Valencia--

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